#TBT - Germantown Boys Club


In honor of the #Eagles’ amazing #Superbowl win, here is a 1929 photograph of the #Germantown Boys Club football team taken by a local photography studio named Blaul Studios of 334 East Chelten Avenue. The Boys Club had a football team for decades; the team apparently played on many different fields over the years. The location where this photograph was taken is unknown.

Pictured in the photograph are:

Top row: Edward Ewing, Henry Jones, Julius Weychert, Harold Brownstein, Edward Taylor, Pere Andrea [advisory coach], Dr. Ralph Mays [team physician].

Middle row: Irvin Little, William Farewell, Norman Wineke, Robert Abbott, Lawrence Bulette, Harry Smith, Arthur McGuigan, James H. Straub [coach].

Bottom row: John Grier, Albert Hampson, Clarence Glatfelter [Gladfelter], Edward McCullough, Adolph Ott, Captain; Joe Davis, Walter Fleckenstein, Wallace Finn.

Mascot: Tommy Maroney.

Over the years, it is often incorrectly assumed that the Germantown Boys Club was a club for wayward working-class youth. However, this is incorrect. The Boys Club was founded to provide wholesome entertainment for area children after school. This is illustrated by the boys and young men in the photo, who look healthy and well nourished.