Starting a Business - Staying In The Know

If you're looking to start a new business in Philadelphia, we encourage you to think about Germantown - we're a neighborhood built for small businesses, with residents who like to shop where they live. Learn more about what's needed to open a business in Philadelphia, with information specific to your type of business and industry at: Launching a Business -
Take advantage of Jump Start Philly - a new initiative from the city that allows certain new businesses to the city to be exempt from paying Business Income and Receipt Tax for the first two (2) years of their existence. Jump Start Philly will also waive fees related to a variety of licenses and registrations, including the Commercial Activity License (formerly the Business Privilege License). Find out if and how you qualify: Jump Start Philly

Don't forget to stay current with your annual GSSD assessment. Assessments are mailed out between November 15th and December 1st of each year, and are due by January 31st. Get more information on GSSD assessments.

Stay up to date on Philadelphia laws, regulations and codes that affect your business. Don't run afoul of problems and issues with trash, liter, use of public sidewalks that could lead to costly violations and fines.

Learn about your responsibilities for trash, including pickup, and when you are required to have a commercial trash can with private pick up service. Business trash responsibilities. 
Get information on licenses and inspections that may be required for your business and how often they are needed. When you stay on top of your licenses and ensure your inspections are done on time - the lower the chances of the city shutting your business down for violations. L & I Information

§10-611. Sidewalk Behavior.pdf
Learn about resources and get tips that will help you create a positive shopping environment inside and immediately outside of your business - it will help you maintain and add new customers!

Be a Good Business Neighbor - Property Maintenance 2016.pdf