Other Sources of Funding 

There are other resouces available to entreprenuerers and small businesses from the planning, start-up and growth phases of business and for small businesses that are in need of support to sustain their current level of business, including working capital. Learn more about grants, tax credits and other funding opportunities available through the City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, the Federal Government (through the Small Business Administration) and other private for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Philadelphia Capital Consortium: The Capital Consortium is a group of nonprofit and for profit commercial lenders who work together with the Philadelphia Department of Commerce to improve access to capital for small businesses throughout the city. Member organizations provide loans and technical assistance to small businesses in order to help them start and grow. 

The Reinvestment Fund (TRF): The Reinvestment Fund finances a variety of housing, community facility, commercial real estate, business, and sustainable energy products to encourage the revitalization of low-wealth neighborhoods. 

Keystone Innovation Zones (KIZ): KIZs are geographic zones where technology and life science companies that are less than eight years old, and located in a zone, can apply for up to $100,000 of salable tax credits from the State of Pennsylvania annually. Philadelphia has three KIZs. The Germantown neighborhood is located in the BioLaunch611+KIZ, which focuses on: Life Sciences, Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing, specifically related to Oncology, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes and Aging. Learn more about the BioLaunch611+KIZ which is administered by BioStrategy Partners


Tax Credits: There are a number of tax credit programs offered through by the City of Philadelpha and the State of Pennsylvania, some of the areas of focus and programs include:


1. Sustainable Business Tax Credit
 2. Green Roofs Tax Credit
 3. New Markets Tax Credit  
 4. Pennsylvania Job Creation Tax Credit (JCTC) 
 5. Philadelphia Job Creation Tax Credit  
 6. Real Estate Tax Abatement
 7. Welfare to Work Credit  


8. Work Opportunity Tax Credit
 9. Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program (PREP)
10. Tax Credit Application - Contribution to Community Development Corp.
11. Jump Start Philly
12. Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
13. Credit for Employment of Returning Veterans -Armed Forces



Grants: If you are looking for funding sources that don't need to be repaid or that are not an offset of any tax liabilities (ie. a tax credit) for your business, some of the grant opportunities available are:
1. High Performance Building Program
 2. Homeownership Rehabiliaton Program (HRP)
 3. PA Alternative and Clean Energy Program (ACE)
4 .PA Dept. of Economic Development Business Assistance Programs
 5. Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program
 6. Training Grants

Loans and Other Incentives: There several zero and low interest loan programs, available from private for-profit and nonprofit entities, and city and state agencies. Some of the loan and other incentive programs are:
1. Kiva  (this is also administered by the Phila Commerce Dept)
 2. Entreprenuer Works
 3. Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
 4. The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation
5. The Merchant's Fund (TMF)  
 6. Women's Opportunity Resource Center of Greater Philadelphia (WORC)
 7. Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)
 8. The Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)