E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one)

What is One Germantown? 

Well, it's a way of thinking, it's a plan for the future, it's what's happening now in Germantown. The GSSD is a unique organization in Germantown, as we are not a non-profit working to solve a social problem, we are not a for profit business and we are not beholden to anyone but the stakeholders of Germantown - which is made up of commercial property and business owners, schools, places of worship, community organizations and the people who live here. 

The primary mission of the Germantown Special Services District (GSSD) is to create an environment where business can thrive in the community. This means we work with developers on understanding the needs and wants of the community, we work with commercial property owners to attract tenants, we work with business owners to ensure that we are doing our part to provide them with a clean and safe community, business education services and assistance, marketing the district and the businesses within and we create and support events and programming that brings people into the district.

Most of the work that the GSSD does is done in collaboration and partnership with others because there are so many unique voices in the neighborhood, and working with them is a natural way for us to support the business district and surrounding community and to ensure that we are doing the most good and making an impact where it needs to be made.

A large focus of our organization is centered around marketing the district, which means we also love to market and showcase the fabulous community that is Germantown. Germantown is a one of a kind neighborhood, made up of the 19144 and 19138 zip codes - yes, we include East Germantown because - we are One Germantown. 

As an organization, we don't always make the loudest noise or do the splashiest things, but that's because we're busy doing the things that create a strong foundation for the business district which helps to create a strong community around it.

In our efforts to showcase this wonderful neighborhood that so many of us call home or where we work and play, we created a place where our stakeholders can shine a light on the things that are important to them. We want and need your voices and your stories that highlight and showcase the community (the people, places and things that make Germantown) to help us in this work  - so send us your stories, posts, pictures and other musings and we'll share them with the world, through the One Germantown blog (OG Blog). Let's get the world talking about and seeing the Germantown that we all know and love - because we are One Germantown. 


Ingrid R. Shepard, Board Chair/President of the GSSD Board of Directors

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