Clean, Safe & Beautification Committee Initiatives


Learn more about the projects and initiatives that the Clean,Safe and Beautification committee has developed and put into action within the district and within the larger Germantown community.



The Curb Appeal Project is a partnership between the GSSD and Curb Appeal, a grassroots organization that works to clean and empower residents to keep their blocks liter free.

The goal of the partnership between the GSSD and Curb Appeal is to clean the streets that feed into the commercial corridor, so that residents become engaged in the process of caring for the neighborhood, which will have a direct effect on how they view the neighborhood, the business district and how guests coming into the corridor, who may be traveling through residential streets to reach the district view the community as a whole.

The Curb Appeal Project does cleaning projects at least once a month; however our goal is to do them twice a month between April  - November, and if the winter months are mild enough temperature wise, we will continue to do them as weather permits.

The project runs with the help of volunteers and residents on the blocks that are being cleaned.  We're looking forward to helping turn Germantown into Curb Appeal Blocks.

Dates and locations of projects are listed below:  Follow us on Facebook or email us to get involved.


Completed and Upcoming Projects


                                     DATES                                   LOCATIONS

                         August 13, 2016                           Unit Block of E. Coulter St.