Supplementary street cleaning services in Germantown’s central business district will be continued thanks to a partnership between the Germantown Special Services District (GSSD) and Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC). This interim service plan aims to support the neighborhood’s merchant community, residents and visitors by providing clean and inviting streets in the heart of Germantown. As part of this collaborative effort, street sweeping–a service provided by the GSSD that was limited due to constraints in recent months, has been secured for an additional eight weeks, three times weekly. Services will continue to be provided by Friends of Germantown Northwest, LLC.

Both the GSSD and GUCDC support merchants and commercial property owners as part of their respective organizational missions.

This interim service plan is being funded by Germantown United CDC, who has reallocated $26,800 awarded to the organization by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce. The funding will also supplement the GSSD’s operational costs through June 30, 2019. During this time, the GSSD will continue it’s work to reestablish regular year-round services.

“The interim service plan grew from our shared desire to address the immediate and pressing need for clean streets in Germantown’s primary commercial artery,” says Julie Stapleton-Carroll, board president of GUCDC.

“The GSSD’s board of director’s is committed to the development of a long-term and sustainable solution. This collaboration signals a desire on the part of the Germantown Special Services District and Germantown United CDC to work together in the best interest of our community, added Trapeta B. Mayson, interim board president of the GSSD.”

The GSSD and GUCDC thank the Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Mayor Kenney, and 8th District Councilwoman, Cindy Bass for their continued partnership and support of our efforts.


The Germantown Special Services District is a locally directed municipal authority established to supplement services already provided by the City of Philadelphia. The GSSD provides services and activities that improve the cleanliness and physical conditions of the district and improve public safety. The support of property owners, merchants, local partners, city entities and residents are integral to the GSSD’s success.

Germantown United CDC’s mission is to promote and facilitate the revitalization of Germantown and its business corridors. GUCDC currently holds a contract with the Department Commerce to provide commercial corridor management, a program that facilitates direct outreach to Germantown businesses to connect them with capacity-building and financial resources provided by the City and other organizations. These grant and loan opportunities are vital to launching, renovating and expanding businesses, improving storefronts and interiors, purchasing equipment, installing security systems, and more.




Business Spotlight

Maplewood nutrition shop - 54 maplewood mall

Maplewood nutrition shop - 54 maplewood mall

In our district, there are businesses to be discovered. Learn about the businesses of Germantown that bring services, products and inspiration. 

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#TBT - District History

1929 germantown Boys Club football team

1929 germantown Boys Club football team

Remember when? Take a look at what Germantown used to be like and the changes it's undergone as we help to revive it.

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One Germantown

Germantown bus stop

Germantown bus stop

Stories from community members about their Germantown and their experiences. Follow the blog that you create.

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"Germantown stands out in its rich history, diversity and its ability to accommodate a mix of new, innovative businesses as well as traditional favorites. Not only is the neighborhood home to a growing and thriving business district but Germantown also gives residents safe, usable outdoor space like Awbury Arboretum, and running and hiking trails in Wissahickon Park. It’s because of organizations like the Germantown Special Services District that we can maintain our neighborhoods and improve quality of life for all of Germantown’s residents." Councilwoman Cindy Bass, 8th District

“The community has been wonderful for me; I have been in Germantown since 1991. It is an up-and-coming community and I look forward to being here for a long time.” Wanza Poole, Owner of Iconic Barber Shop (19 E Schoolhouse Lane)


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